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Breed: Male Westie
Kansas City, Missouri
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Born: June, 2000
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Kansas City, Missouri
Weight: 20 pounds

Favorite food: Treats, cheese, croutons, chips, and popcorn, oh yeah, and my Science Diet dog food.

Favorite toy: Yeller, lamby, tennis balls, and raw hide bones.

Favorite activity: I love to play chase!! I also love taking walks with my girlfriend, Suzie the German Shorthair pointer. She lives beside me and mom and dad always take her when we go for walks. She also comes over to play at my house on the weekends. I also love riding in the car!!

Special talents: I can catch treats and croutons in the air! I am also very good at rounding up our cats!!

Most embarrassing moment: I got so excited when my grandma and grandpa came that I ran soooo fast out the front door and skidded down the drive way. Mom was mad at me for taking off. I ended up with a skinned up chin, paw, and belly. I was just glad that Suzie didn't see it happen!!

Most trouble I ever got into: I don't get into much trouble, just mischief!!

My favorite friends: My new sister, Sugar. My next door girlfriend, Suzie. My friends that live behind me, Layla and Baron.

Biggest adventure: Everyday is an adventure for me. Mom takes me with her everywhere!!

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