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Port, Pinot & Syrah
Breed: Westies
Neenah, Wisconsin
Port, Pinot & Syrah
Port, Pinot & Syrah
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Born: March, 2001
Breed: Westies
Residence: Neenah, Wisconsin
Weight: 14 - 18 lbs

Favorite food: Mice, birds, raw bacon left on counter top.

Favorite toy: Kids toys left behind.

Favorite activity: Barking at people walking past the house. Racing around the yards chasing each other and hunting rodents.

Special talents: Port retrieves, Pinot is a lap dog and Syrah is the hunter.

Most embarrassing moment: No such thing for us Westies.

My favorite friends: Our sister behind us, Jaz, who our neighbors have and we see her everyday. Our big brother Caz who is a yellow lab also.

Biggest adventure: Breaking out of the yard by getting through the invisible fence.

Member since 02/16/2003
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