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Breed: Female Westie
Cumberland, Maryland
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Born: June, 1997
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Cumberland, Maryland
Weight: 12 pounds

Favorite food: Eggs, rice with beef stew, cupcakes with lots of icing.

Favorite toy: Squeaky snake, stuffed animals.

Favorite activity: Shopping and playing with Gilligan (my husband) and my daughter Jackie.

Special talents: I like taking things from the human kids and hidding them so I can have them for myself. I have a nice stuffed animal collection.

Most embarrassing moment: While mom was taking a shower I have to guard the door and got very thirsty and tried to get a drink out of the potty and fell in head first. All that work to even reach the water because of being so short, and end up all wet.

Most trouble I ever got into: While mom was at the store,one of my babies got loose and started messing the house up and told me that she would tell grandma that I got her out on purpose if I didn't play with her.Wasn't my fault she picked all the wrong things to play with.

My favorite friends: I like Katrina, she is one of the human kids with all the stuffed animals. Devon is fun to chase he is the human kid that gives me the most exercise. Then I have Gilligan who looks like me and my daughter Jackie.

Biggest adventure: I went on a long walk in the woods at grandma's house and all her cats thought I was wild animal and chased me all over the mountain. Those cats don't like me very much. The mountain was very beautiful though.

Member since 02/15/2003
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