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Breed: Female Cairn
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Born: September, 2000
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Scotland
Weight: 16 pounds

Favorite food: Anything at all!!!

Favorite toy: My cat friend and my Black Labrador.

Favorite activity: Not eating my dinner until my friend Cuan (above mentioned Labrador) has scoffed his dinner in true labrador fashion-Yuck- and he thinks I don't want mine so he can have it - then I pounce and eat it all while he drools sadly beside me. Ha ha ha.

Special talents: Running away into the big wide world as often as I can. Which isn't often enough because my mistress knows me very well ! Sigh!

Most embarrassing moment: We Cairns never get embarrassed.Only our humans do.

Most trouble I ever got into: Running away and having to be cornered in a cul de sac because I forgot what the command COME meant temporarily. Ha ha.

My favorite friends: Too many to mention.

Biggest adventure: Each day is an adventure to us Cairn Terriers.

Member since 01/31/2003
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