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Mickey and Abby
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Mickey and Abby
Mickey and Abby
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Born: Dec '95, Nov '02
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Weight: 19 lbs, 3 lbs

Favorite food: Mickey- Science Hill sensitive skin adult food & pig ears. Abby- Science Hill puppy food.

Favorite toy: Green frog, sqeeky hot dog, pink football, rawhide bones.

Favorite activity: Mickey- I love to run and play in my yard and bark at everything. Abby- Chasing my big brother Mickey and playing with my human brother Dylan. Also, I love sleeping on my mommy's lap.

Special talents: Mickey can sit, give paw, stand up, and stay, but Abby is too little for talent. Her ear did just pop up! Is that talent?

Most embarrassing moment: Mickey got a bad hair cut from his mommy! Abby says to give her time! She is sure to do something!

My favorite friends: Dylan our human brother, our pap pap's, and we also love mommy and daddy!!

Biggest adventure: Mickey- I like to take trips to see my Pap Pap. I also love to ride in the car anywhere. Abby- The latest adventure was when we all went to get Abby and brought her home to our house!

Member since 01/20/2003
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