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Breed: Female Westie
Wilkesboro, North Carolina
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Born: May, 2002
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Weight: 12 pounds

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Favorite food: Cheese and anything my people are having!

Favorite toy: My "Binky" stuffed animal with the nose worn out because I "nurse" it too much!

Favorite activity: Riding in the car and playing with my new little sister,Bella Grace (she's a little Yorkie/Lhasa Apso Mix...and great fun to "beat up").

Special talents: Making the most beautiful pile of snow each time Mom or Dad hangs up a new roll of toilet tissue.

Most embarrassing moment: So far...haven't been embarrassed about anything...I'm just too darn cute to be embarrassed.

Most trouble I ever got into: For some reason my special talent gets me into trouble...I don't know why humans don't appreciate fine tissue shredding!

My favorite friends: Bella Grace, Mom and Dad and any and all humans that come to visit.

Biggest adventure: Oh People....this was NOT fun..I was only 10 weeks old and spending the first week at my new home, I found a small dataport cover from the back of a computer and thought it looked tasty..so I ate it..My Mom and Dad did not know this. I started getting very sick and not eating, they took me to the vet and after having an X-ray..saw the piece of metal in my little tummy. This piece being square, sharp and metal would not pass on its on..so I had to have an OPERATION!! At my tender age, Oh my gosh...I was PETtrified! But everything came out ok and my Mom gave me the nickname "Maggie Gigabite"

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