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Breed: Male Westie
Greenwood, South Carolina
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Born: February, 1998
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Greenwood, South Carolina
Weight: 22 pounds.

Favorite food: Carrots.

Favorite toy: Stuffed carrot.

Favorite activity: Chasing his brother Vinnie (pembroof welch corgi)and catching food thrown by his other brother (Andy an african grey).

Special talents: Won a ribbon at for fun dog show in Tryon N.C. for best dressed.

Most embarrassing moment: Jimmy was trying to be big and brave and chased a skunk under the deck where he was immediately sprayed.H e says he wasn't very brave when he had to get a tomato juice.

Most trouble I ever got into: See above.

My favorite friends: Cousins Romulus,Darcey and Tessa. Romulus and Darcey are Scotties (one Blue black and Brindle. Tessa is W/h dauschand.)

Biggest adventure: I went to Atlanta to visit my Grandmom.

Member since 12/25/2002
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