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Tigger and Tera
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Nashville, Arkansas
Tigger and Tera
Tigger and Tera
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Born: July 2000
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Residence: Nashville, Arkansas
Weight: My mom doesn't know!

Favorite food: Tigger- Anything but green stuff. Tera- I like the green stuff.

Favorite toy: Tigger- My family. Tera- My squeaky things.

Favorite activity: Tigger- Chasing the horses. Tera- Chasing Tigger while he chases the horses!

Special talents: Tigger- Begging, lying down, speaking, talking back, breaking up family fueds, killing mice, anything for a laugh! Tera- I have learned to sit still. :)

Most embarrassing moment: Tigger- My mom entering a "private moment" in the terrier club photo contest! Tera- When my mom tried to dress me in human clothes, and take me for a walk in the park!

Most trouble I ever got into: Tigger- Trying to kill the big dog down the street! I could have done it! Tera- Helping Tigger try to kill the big dog down the road...he could have done it!

My favorite friends: Tigger- My baby girl, Tera. Tera- My darling Tigger.

Biggest adventure: Tigger- Always an adventure at "Callaway Farms"...I'm the boss! Tera- Learning to live at "Callaway Farms!

My web page: Tigger and Tera's Website
Member since 11/30/2002
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