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Breed: Female Westie
West Grove, Pennsylvania
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Born: November, 2000
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: West Grove, Pennsylvania
Weight: 16 pounds.

Favorite food: Eukanuba Chicken and Rice and any chicken my Mom gives me.

Favorite toy: ANYTHING THAT SQUEEKS ... and balls.

Favorite activity: I Love playing with my other terrier sisters, Sarah and Katie the Scotties and our new baby Samantha Rose - Sheltand Sheepdog ... but my favorite thing is sitting with my Mommy wherever she is ...

Special talents: I have a really special talent of being able to hold onto my Mom or Dad's fingers with my mouth without EVER hurting them .... it is as close as I can get to holding hands/paws.

Most embarrassing moment: Hmmmmmmmm... that is a tough one, although I am sure my Sisters could come up with a couple ... hahaha.

Most trouble I ever got into: ME ... GET IN TROUBLE ... NEVER ...

My favorite friends: Sarah, Katie and Baby Sammy are my sisters and favorite friends, we are the four mousecateers ...

Biggest adventure: We live out in the country and we always have adventures chasing the mice and such ... but I think it was when my Scottie Sister Sarah wanted to go to Washington, DC this year to see Barney Bush at the Whitehouse. Washington DC was a REALLY big place ... but we had fun !!!

Member since 10/30/2002
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