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Mick, Tilly and Maddie
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Suffolk, UK
Mick, Tilly and Maddie
Mick, Tilly and Maddie
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Born: Jul '89, Apr '89, Feb '98
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Residence: Suffolk, UK
Weight: 11kg (24 lbs), 9kg (20 lbs), 10kg (22 lbs)

Favorite food: Fresh Fruit, Carrots, anything Mum eats.

Favorite toy: My lead, Empty bottles, Dried Leaves.

Favorite activity: Long Walks, Playinging with Hose, Washing our GSD.

Special talents: Can speak the words Hello and Walk. Lets everyone know if someone about. Begs so cutely.

Most embarrassing moment: When I panicked at school after noisy Lab needed quitening so got confused and went for young lab's nose and would not let go Mum had to prise open my mouth took me away but I had to have another go much to Mum's horror!!!!

Most trouble I ever got into: As above I had to wear awful thing over my mouth when I went back to school I did not want to be there so I whinned and shook Mum never took me back, She says I turned out just fine later I just like to let the other's know who's boss!

My favorite friends: Ben an Irish setter who came to school he crossed the bridge early this year, if I see an Irish setter it reminds me of Ben. I have the girls to play with and sometimes Thor the big baby who came to live with us about 5 years ago he often needs putting in his place.

Biggest adventure: Going in the car for along drive when the car stopped we stayed in a nice house and went for longs walks over what Mum said were Moors and streams to cool our feet just Tilly me Mum and Dad I will get Mum to send you a photo if you like.

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