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Max and Duncan
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
San Mateo, California
Max and Duncan
Max and Duncan
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Born: Apr '96, Apr '02
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Residence: San Mateo, California
Weight: 20 lbs, 4 lbs

Favorite food: Max- Anything and everything. Duncan- Anything Max is eating.

Favorite toy: Max- My puppy (Duncan, he is a Cairn) and the squeaky hedgehog. Duncan- Whatever is Max playing with.

Favorite activity: Max- Sleeping and getting petted. Duncan- Playing with Max.

Special talents: Max- Can put up with a puppy that harrasses me constantly. Duncan- Run fast and give kisses.

Most embarrassing moment: Max- Tried to play rough with 2 boxers that were bigger than me. Duncan- Falling into the water garden.

Most trouble I ever got into: Max- Digging under the gate. Duncan- Sneaking under the gate.

My favorite friends: Max- Chili and Duncan (my puppy). Duncan- Max and Chili.

Biggest adventure: Max- Being rescued from the SPCA. Duncan- Going to dog lake park.

Member since 07/01/2002
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