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Conan and Mattison
Breed: Male Cairn and Female Westie
Conroe, Texas
Conan and Mattison
Conan and Mattison
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Born: Oct '99, Apr '01
Breed: Male Cairn and Female Westie
Residence: Conroe, Texas
Weight: 27 lbs, 19 lbs

Favorite food: All of it.

Favorite toy: Conan- Mommy. Mattison- My big brother Conan.

Favorite activity: Conan- Chasing squirrels at my Gramma's house. Mattison- Swimming in Gramma's fish pond.

Special talents: Conan- Says I love You and in Puppy classes against labs and retrievers, voted "Most Improved". Mattison- Getting anything I want from my Daddy.

Most embarrassing moment: Conan- Tried to eat a poisonous toad - very expensive. Mattison- Ran into the locked Doggy Door at Mach 10.

Most trouble I ever got into: Conan- Has to be the toad. Mattison- Ate Mommy's shoe.

My favorite friends: Conan- Mattison, a West Highland Terrier. Mattison- Big brother Conan.

Biggest adventure: Conan- Moved from Florida to Texas - Yeehaw. Mattison- Visited Florida.

Member since 04/14/2002
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