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Breed: Female Westie
Cathlamet, Washington
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Born: October, 2001
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Cathlamet, Washington
Weight: 7+ pounds

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Favorite food: Mr. Smith's food (resident cat).

Favorite toy: Shoes, the more expensive the better.

Favorite activity: Running the track, greeting new people, tasting new interesting things, sitting on my mom's lap with my chewy bone.

Special talents: Social greeter, cutiest dog in town award.

Most embarrassing moment: My dad gave me some lamb to eat, and it didn't agree with me. My mom didn't know it but I had an accident and she took me in public with my behind brown, for everyone to see!

Most trouble I ever got into: I slipped away from my mom and ran outside. I had her chasing me all over, in the snow. She even had to jump a fence to get to me. Boy was I in trouble!

My favorite friends: I LOVE everyone, but it seems they don't always love me. My favorite friend is my big brother, Mr. Smith (cat). He makes me laugh cause he makes this funny noise when I get under him or try to kiss him. My next best friend is the big girl next store, Simie. But everytime I try to get near her she runs away. But she's probably just shy.

Biggest adventure: I'm still kind of little, so I don't have a lot of adventures. Everyday I go with my dad to work. My dad lets me sit outside and visit with all the people who come by. They are all so nice, some even give me treats. Dad and I keep that to ourselves cause mom wouldn't like it.

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