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Davey & The Buzz
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Davey & The Buzz
Davey & The Buzz
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Born: Jul '00, Jun '98
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Residence: Kansas
Weight: Davey- 13 lbs. Buzz- Im on a diet!

Favorite food: Davey- Popcorn. Buzz- Cheese as a treat.

Favorite toy: Davey- His TENNIS BALL!! or his piggy. Buzz- A squeaky hamburger.

Favorite activity: Davey- Having his tennis ball kicked or thrown so he can chase after it...he always brings it right back for more! Also going for a walk and visiting his grandparents. Buzz- Going for a walk or visiting his Grandma and Grandpa.

Special talents: Davey- Being a sweety:). Buzz- GROWLING...he has a great time!!

My favorite friends: Davey- His older brother Buzz, younger pup Moe...big dogs, Mac and clark. Also he enjoys chasing our cats...I'm kind of a meanie to them. Buzz- Younger westie named davey, and a puppy welsh terrier named moe. The big dogs: yellow lab, Mac and lab sharpei mix, clark.

Member since 04/11/2002
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