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Breed: Male Cairn
Rutherford, New Jersey
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Born: July, 2000
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Rutherford, New Jersey
Weight: 25 pounds

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Henry at the Bark Park

Favorite food: Anything my mom is eating.

Favorite toy: Anything the other dogs are playing with.

Favorite activity: Playing with the big dogs at the agility park.

Special talents: Most interested in anything that moves!!!

Most embarrassing moment: You must be kidding! I am never embarrassed!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Okay, I did eat a pillow off the couch on the first day I was adopted...but mom gave me my own toys so now I destroy them instead!

My favorite friends: Lots! My brother Happy who has cushings. I'm always kind and careful with him. My cousin Dennis the Briard, he weighs 100lbs but lets me beat him up. My girl friends Kobe the Wheaton, Molly the Jack Russel, Sasha the Golden and Murphy Brown the girl next door.

Biggest adventure: My mom works with dogs and I go everywhere with her. I meet new friends, go to dog parks or training camp every day. I'm a terrier so every day is an adventure!

Member since 03/31/2002
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