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Breed: Female Cairn
Carrboro, North Carolina
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Born: July, 2000
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Carrboro, North Carolina
Weight: 17 pounds

Favorite food: Three Dog Bakery moist food or people food.

Favorite toy: Tennis balls or anything made of cloth.

Favorite activity: Playing with outside with my neighbor and our tug toy.

Special talents: I haven't earned any of these yet except I am a great cuddler at the end of a hard day of playing.

Most embarrassing moment: When I was at Grandma's and chewed a blue gel ink pen and there was ink all over her carpet and my paws and snout were saturated with blue ink. Grandma had to have professionals come clean the carpet and they could get it all out. I had to go around with evidence on me for a while until after several washing and trimmings it was gone. Have you ever seen a cairn with blue paws and nose? It is a pretty sight.

Most trouble I ever got into: The above is the probably the most trouble I got into but Mom was also to blame as she left the pen on the floor with her crosswords. Another time I trouble was when I chewed the four corners of a brand new expensive rug. I sure had a lot of fun doing it! It was grandma's rug also!

My favorite friends: My favorite friend is Marley. He lives next door. He is a Jack Russel Terrier and is about 6 months youger than I am. We play outside all of the time. He is my best buddy.

Biggest adventure: My biggest adventures are the ones unknown to Mom. They probably have happened when I have visited Grandma and have been able to run free on her farm. I will never tell what all I have done when I have had that freedom.

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