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Jock, Morgana, Tessa
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Jock, Morgana, Tessa
Jock, Morgana, Tessa
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Born: Jan '93, Feb '00, Feb '00
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Weight: 18 lbs, 15 lbs, 16 lbs

Favorite food: Jock- Meat of any kind. Morgana- Oranges. Tessa- Bananas.

Favorite toy: Jock- Ball!!! Morgana- None. Tessa- Balls.

Favorite activity: Jock- Chasing a ball. Morgana- Chasing my sister and biting her bum. Tessa- Playing ball with my uncle Jock.

Special talents: Jock- Show dog. Morgana- I am a show dog and have 5 canadian points.

Most trouble I ever got into: Jock- When I scrached up my mom's new computer disk to get my ball. Morgana- I chewed a pair of shoes my mom has from Italy. Tessa- I am a good girl and don't get into trouble.

My favorite friends: Jock- My Mom Magda Vince. Morgana- My sister Tessa and my uncle Jock. Tessa- Jock the Gray Hunter my uncle.

Biggest adventure: Jock- I when to Vancouver and Edmonton to meet girls. Morgana- I got to go to Vancouver to see off my people sister. Tessa- I got to go see my human sister off to Thailand.

My web page: Jock, Morgana, Tessa's Website
Member since 01/29/2002
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