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Breed: Female Cairn
Fort Worth, Texas
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Born: May, 1992
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Fort Worth, Texas
Weight: 22 pounds

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Favorite food: Just about everything especially people food. I love baby lima beans!

Favorite toy: Tennis balls, my stuffed squirrel, my fuzzy bone.

Favorite activity: I love to chase squirrels, and it helps me keep my gorgeous figure. I like to go for walks and play with tennis balls.

Special talents: I smile all the time. I sit up and beg anytime I want something. If I look into your eyes, your heart will melt. I'm very good at doing bad things and looking so innocent that my brother Ozzie gets blamed! BOL! I invented my own game that's named after me. I lie on the floor and roll the tennis ball to you with my tongue. You roll it back to me. We can do this for hours until I get bored.

Most embarrassing moment: Sometimes when I'm walking on a tile floor, my feet fly out from under me for no reason, and I do a belly flop. I got that Schnauzer haircut once. It was so bad that Mom and Daddy cried!

Most trouble I ever got into: I'm too adorable to ever get in trouble! Paws Up!

My favorite friends: Well, I live with my brother Ozzie. Then there's my Mom and Dad. I have a whole bunch of cyber friends. Sorry guys, but I'm taken. My boyfriend is a great big, burly, red-haired Cairn guy named Barney who lives in San Jose, CA.

Biggest adventure: Well, I live with the Oz Monster so there isn't much more to say. Just trying to eat supper every night is an adventure cause Ozzie guards all the food bowls. Once when I was a very little dog, I got out of the "Cairn-proof fence" and danced on top of a big dirt pile for a long time. I didn't leave home cause my brother couldn't get out to come with me. Once when Dad and I were on a walk, a big German wire-haired pointer who was off leash came running at us. Well, of course, I attacked him. That pointer grabbed me by the head and shook me like a rat! How rude! Dad had to stand on the pointer's neck to pry my head out of his mouth. Then when I was free, you know what happened? I attacked that pointer again! BOL!!!! I will get that dog!

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