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Robbie and Trevor
Breed: Male Cairns
San Jose, California
Robbie and Trevor
Robbie and Trevor
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Born: Dec '99 Dec '98
Breed: Male Cairns
Residence: San Jose, California
Weight: 15 lbs / 22 lbs

Favorite food: Robbie- Whatever Dad leaves on the dinner plate. Trevor- Ice cream.

Favorite toy: Robbie- Empty cat food cans, no matter how much $$ Mom spends on nice toys! Trevor- "Fetch It" tennis balls & squeaky latex ones!

Favorite activity: Robbie- Chasing squirrels and annoying my cat sister! Trevor- Being loved, doted on, generally adored--then chasing rats in AKC events!

Special talents: Robbie- Nothing yet--but I'm still a baby! Trevor- As of 9/01 I have my Sr. Earthdog AKC title. I rule! Starting in March I'm going after my Master ED title!

Most embarrassing moment: Robbie- There are just too many...probably the worst is wearing a diaper when I go to other people's houses! Trevor- Me?? I'm never embarrased! Not even when I'm glad to see someone and I accidentally piddle on them. Hey! It's a sign of affection!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Robbie- It's a tie between when I attacked a Lab at dog park and the numerous times I've peed in the house. Trevor- I'm a good guy and don't get into trouble much. OK OK, there WAS that time I chased a kid down on one of those motor scooters and knocked him down...

My favorite friends: Robbie- My bro Trevor, Beamer Loeb-Bergman--but after them I just really don't care about anyone else! Trevor- My bro Robbie; Ouija, Weaver and Beamer Loeb-Bergman; Riley, Declan and Murphy Broderick; and my Pomeranian friends Kirby & Simba DeSantis.

Biggest adventure: Robbie- When we pack up a van and go up to Oregon for Trevor's AKC events--last time we got to visit a horse farm and that was great! They smelled GOOD! Trevor- My life has been extraordinary, even though I'm only 3. My mom drives me to Portland OR for earthdog events and that's all kinds of fun but one time she took me with her in an AIRPLANE to Los Angeles for one! WOW! She even snuck me pretzels and ice chips during the flight, hehehe.

My web page: Robbie and Trevor's Website
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