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Molly, Maggy and Mindy
Breed: Female Westies
Molly, Maggy and Mindy
Molly, Maggy and Mindy
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Born: Oct '01, Feb '01, May '92
Breed: Female Westies
Weight: 14-15 lbs

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Molly and Mindy (and some of Maggy)

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Pam and pups

Favorite food: Molly- Cottage Cheese. Maggy- I love Dairy Queen ice cream more than anything else but most ice cream will do. Mindy- Boiled chicken with brown rice I LOVE DQ.

Favorite toy: Molly- Anything that squeaks. Maggy- I love stuffed animals but I hate their squeakers and I "kill" them all. Mindy- Any stuffed toy that resembles in size a puppy--I carry them arround--and my sisters, of course.

Favorite activity: Molly- I love to play chase with everyone. No one can catch me easily. Maggy- I love stalking my sister, Molly MacGregor, also a Westie and zooming with her more than anything on the planet except maybe taking a ride in the car. Mindy- I love bossing my "sisters" around. I am the alpha in the house, even though I have been here the shortest time. I am Queen of the Manor, but I am very kind!

Special talents: Molly- I am too cute. I like to take myself for a walk. I am going to puppy school and they taught my Mom to use a drag line on me all the time (I don't know why--I eventually let them catch me without it). I just grab the handle of the line and take myself for a walk. Maggy- I am a Princess, and my official name is, Her Royal Highness, Maggy Mae Westie, Princess of all of the Rest of the Stuff. Mindy- I have made those Rowdy girls learn to behave in the house. But they have taught me how to play. Mom thinks all I did was have puppies and take care of puppies in my prior home cause that is what I really, really know and revert to all the time. I am definitely a caregiver! But I really LOVE being pampered and taken care of too!

Most embarrassing moment: Molly- My Mom just caught me rolling in (used) kitty litter. She thought it was very disgusting and gave me a bath. I hate taking a bath. Maggy- I do not get embarrassed because I never do anything wrong. I always behave like the fine lady I am. Mindy- I am a perfect lady and do not do anything to be embarrassed about.

Most trouble I ever got into: Molly- Rolling in used kitty litter. Maggy- I don't usually get into trouble but I am very good at tattling on my sister, who is ALWAYS getting in trouble (tee-hee). Mindy- None.

My favorite friends: Molly- My brother Onyx the cat. My other kitty brother does not like me very much since I am so cute and have taken the spotlight from him. I will make him like me though. I have only lived here for 6 weeks. He will not be able to resist me. I have a friend (cock-a-poo) that comes to visit me named Nugget. He is very cute and nice to me and never hurts me. He teaches me good things to do. Maggy- My sister Molly and I like Onyx, our brother kitty. We have another kitty that lives here too but he does not like me. I like him but I get too excited around him and want him to zoom. He does seem to want to do that. Mindy- Molly and Maggy my Westie sisters. I also have two kitty brothers--Onyx and Lil Bud. We don't see Lil Bud much but I jump at Onxy every time he jumps into his kitty hammock. Otherwise we are okay with each other.

Biggest adventure: Molly- Flying to my new home in Wisconsin from Colorado via Texas. That was a very long trip and I was a bit afraid. I am glad I don't have to do that again. Maggy- My biggest adventure so far was when several avery nice lady from Westie Rescue took care of me (after I left my first home) and then arranged for me to come here to live. There were many people who helped transport me to my new home. I started in Arkansas and we went all the way from there up to Wisconsin. Now, that was an adventure! Mindy- Well, several people took part in my rescue--I was in a kill shelter in New York State and some of the heroes of Westie Rescue came and got me and got me to this house, which was supposed to be my foster home. But you KNOW how that goes--we Westies are just too irresistable and well.........I am staying forever.

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