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Breed: Male Cairn
Fort Worth, Texas
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Born: March, 1992
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Fort Worth, Texas
Weight: 18 pounds

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Favorite food: Liver Treats.

Favorite toy: Big sticks, rocks.

Favorite activity: Chasing big sticks, cuddling, begging for treats, going for walks.

Special talents: I sit up and beg whenever I want something. I know a whole bunch of human words. I'm the very best food guarder. Nobody gets my food! I also like to swim in bubble baths. I'm famous for barking till any storm goes away no matter how long it takes.

Most embarrassing moment: The time my friend Dumpling grabbed me by the hind leg and pulled me off the couch. Another real bad one - The groomer shaved my back like a Schnauzer. Oh, the horror!

Most trouble I ever got into: That's a tough one. I've been in trouble so many times. Probably the time I bit Mom real bad and she locked me in the bathroom for the night. I didn't forgive her for a week.

My favorite friends: Dumpling, my Cairn sister, and my Mom and Dad. I am engaged to the lovely Miss Trapper Shuffitt of Indiana.

Biggest adventure: One night I broke off my leash in a terrible rainstorm. I ran away from Dad, and nobody could find me. The streets were flooded. It was so dark. I crossed a couple of very busy streets. Mom and Dad didn't find me find me for hours. I couldn't bark anymore. They heard me croaking like a frog. I acted fine, but my arm was almost cut off, and all the skin and hair was ripped off my chin. I'm not telling what happened that night!

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