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Breed: Female Cairn
Saddle Brook, New Jersey
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Born: May, 1999
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Weight: 19 pounds

Favorite food: Table scraps.

Favorite toy: Ear plugs.

Favorite activity: Keeping an eye out for squirrels and then subsequently chasing them to no avail.

Special talents: Annoying my sister Onyx by patting her in the face with my paw and biting her hind legs.

Most embarrassing moment: When I piddled on the elevator floor coming home from the pet store for the first time.

Most trouble I ever got into: I dug under our backyard fence twice and roamed the neighborhood for a while.

My favorite friends: Onyx, Jon, and Lauren. Lisa and Bob occasionally. Seldom Diana.

Biggest adventure: This one time in Philadelphia I cut my mouth on a soda can and had to be rushed to the vet.

Member since 01/16/2002
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