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Scrappy and Jack
Breed: Male Cairns
Stillwater, New York
Scrappy and Jack
Scrappy and Jack
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Born: Mar '00, May '01
Breed: Male Cairns
Residence: Stillwater, New York
Weight: 13 lbs, 10 lbs

Favorite food: Scrappy- Potato Chips. Jack- anything chewable.

Favorite toy: Scrappy- tennis ball. Jack- ball with bell inside.

Favorite activity: Scrappy likes to snuggle. Jack likes to torture Scrappy.

Special talents: Scrappy talks ALOT. Jack can out bark any dog.

Most embarrassing moment: Getting caught on the kitchen table.

Most trouble I ever got into: Scrappy- took a year's worth of client papers from the office and chewed them to bits. Jack- ate part of an antique rocker.

My favorite friends: Each other.

Biggest adventure: Swimming in the river and riding to school in the car.

Member since 12/27/2001
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