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Murphy and Bailey
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Murphy and Bailey
Murphy and Bailey
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Born: April, 2001
Breed: Male Westie and Cairn
Residence: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Weight: 17 lbs, 5 lbs

Favorite food: Murphy- Hot dogs or anything humans eat or drop on the floor. Bailey- Anything, although I am learning to catch popcorn.

Favorite toy: Murphy- Beanie baby water buffalo and anything I can attack, drag, or shake. Bailey- Beanie Baby horse, ball with bell in it, and anything that is handy-even if it is bigger than I am!

Favorite activity: Murphy- Playing with my new little sister and rolling Pedro the cat all over the yard. Bailey- Playing with Murphy my big brother.

Special talents: Murphy- Catches popcorn like a champ. I am a very good lap warmer, I haves figured out the fine art of napping with my Mom. Bailey- Peeing on the floor.

Most embarrassing moment: Murphy- Mom's power was out so I went to office with her and ate rat poison! Yuck! She brushed my teeth with a HUMAN's toothbrush and then made me throw up with Peroxide! GaRoss! Bailey- Ate rat poison with my brother last week!

Most trouble I ever got into: Murphy- I found and pulled a loop of the berber carpeting and unraveled a 6 inch square! Was so much fun playing with all that loose yarn! Bailey- Rat poison. (See above)

My favorite friends: Murphy- Bailey, my new Cairn Terrier sister. Heidi, the old lady of the house-10 year old corgi/doxy mix. Bailey- Murphy and Heidi.

Biggest adventure: Murphy- Camping with Mom and the horses. Had a lot of things to bark at and protect her from! Bailey- Went to work with Mom and met everyone at the office.

Member since 11/01/2001
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