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Jewel, Scooter, and Annie
Breed: Westies
Smithville, Missouri
Jewel, Scooter, and Annie
Jewel, Scooter, and Annie
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Born: Dec '96, Mar '97, Jan '99
Breed: Westies
Residence: Smithville, Missouri
Weight: Around 18 pounds each.

Favorite food: Cheese, turkey, carrots.

Favorite toy: Squeaky toys and rawhide bones.

Favorite activity: We like to run like the wind and dig up moles in the backyard.

Special talents: We meet and greet new rescue dogs and show them the ropes. Annie got her picture taken with the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders and everyone agreed that she was the cutest one of the bunch.

Most embarrassing moment: When Annie flunked out of obedience class.

Most trouble I ever got into: Jewel- I got stuck behind the refrigerator; Annie- I get in trouble everyday; Scooter- When I bring dead varmints to the door.

My favorite friends: We have lots and lots of favorite friends. We have newe dogs that come to visit us all the time. Then they go off to forever homes and send us pictures and Christmas cards.

Biggest adventure: We all went with Mom and Dad to the Great Westie Gathering this Spring. We drove for two days and we got to stay in a lot of motel rooms. We took some rescue dogs with us and passed them out along the way. We got wonderful gifts and toys from everybody at the Gathering, we had a neat picnic lunch and we to meet a lot of new friends and see some old friends. Scooter ate something that didn't agree with him and had a tummy ache on the way home. But, he's a lot better now.

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