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Duncan and Boswell
Breed: Male Westies
Toms River, New Jersey
Duncan and Boswell
Duncan and Boswell
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Born: Jan, 1999
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Toms River, New Jersey
Weight: Duncan- 21 lbs, Boswell- 23 lbs

Favorite food: Duncan- Anything Mummy feeds me by hand. Boswell- Anything, I am not particular.

Favorite toy: We're Westies...Favorite Toys Change Hourly.

Favorite activity: We walk Grammy 3 miles everyday. We love to go Ba-Byes in the car. We especially love going to the Beach and chasing waves and sea gulls!

Special talents: Duncan- Won "Most Vocal" in the Lavallette Pup Walk. Both Boys win hearts wherever they go.

Most embarrassing moment: Everything we do winds up being cute, not embarrassing.

Most trouble I ever got into: Duncan- When I ate Grammy's new shoes, they were still in the box and everything. Boswell- I never get caught...or I blame Duncan.

My favorite friends: There is our cousin Max (Akita), Reise next door (Boxer), Panic (Rotweiller), Ringo (Pug), and Moses, Rudy, and Casey (Bouviers)...their Mummy does our hair.

Biggest adventure: Life! Everyday is an adventure, we are very busy boys! Our Mummy's and Daddy's drop us off with Grammy before they go to work everyday. We take Grammy on a walk around the neighborhood and patrol for squirrels and kitty cats. Yesterday we brought Grammy a field mouse! Boy was she grateful...We think! Tomorrow we go to the annual Scottish Festival where we will eat fish & chips and mince meat pies...fetch the caber and chase sheep! Yeah!

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