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Bonnie and Maggie
Breed: Female Cairns
Garland, Texas
Bonnie and Maggie
Bonnie and Maggie
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Born: 11/09/00
Breed: Female Cairns
Residence: Garland, Texas
Weight: 18 lb each

Favorite food: Grapes, carrots and ice cuhes - we can't get Mommy and Daddy to cooperate.

Favorite toy: Bonnie- I have this squeaky banana I like. Maggie- Daddy's toes

Favorite activity: Bonnie- Well personally I enjoy driving my family to the edge by chasing after every fly or other insect I see, for hours. I am also very fond of Mommy's flowers. Maggie- Well I try very hard to be good, I even try to keep my sister out of trouble, but I am afraid there is no hope. I love to watch TV, if the show has another dog on it, I find it especially interesting. I love all dogs, especially those bigger than we are.

Special talents: Bonnie- I can catch a fly from the air, Maggie can't do that. She is too busy being good. Maggie- I can stand on my Daddy's feet and dance. I'm very talented!

Most embarrassing moment: Bonnie- There is nothing that I have ever done that embarrasses me, I am so charming. Maggie- My sister embarrasses me all the time. She doesn't have nearly as good manners as I do.

Most trouble I ever got into: Bonnie- Daddy put down new sod, and I took it up. Maggie- Bonnie made me help her dig sod.

My favorite friends: We have a very close friend who is a Minature Doberman. He has so much energy, he can almost keep up.

Biggest adventure: Well so far, we have only been to Illinois to visit our Dachound cousins. But we have plans!!!

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