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Breed: Male Westie
Westerville, Ohio
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Born: June, 2001
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Westerville, Ohio
Weight: 21 pounds

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Favorite food: Pupcorn, Milkbone Dog Treats, anything that falls on the kitchen floor.

Favorite toy: Anything that squeaks loud.

Favorite activity: Racing around the house with Cody, my human nephew.

Special talents: I can play with all the big dogs at doggie daycare.

Most embarrassing moment: Cody and I were in the bathroom. He was standing by the big white thing with water in it. Pretty soon I saw some other water squirting into it from Cody. I figured I was thirsty and should just take a drink. Then Mom started yelling at me. Anybody know why? I was just getting a drink.

Most trouble I ever got into: Every time I try to excavate the flower bed.

My favorite friends: Cody, Hanna (my human niece), Jake (the dog next door), and all my buddies at doggie daycare.

Biggest adventure: I went to a Ford Mustang car show and saw one of the cars that I am named after. (Daddy named me.)

Member since 08/27/2001
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