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Abbey and MacDuff
Breed: Female Cairn and Male Westie
California, Maryland
Abbey and MacDuff
Abbey and MacDuff
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Born: August 1999, January 1990
Breed: Female Cairn and Male Westie
Residence: California, Maryland
Weight: 18 lbs. / 28 lbs.

Favorite food: We both like Carrots and bananas.

Favorite toy: Rubber hedgehog/cloth fish.

Favorite activity: MacDuff likes barking at squirrels. Abbey likes playing with Duffy.

Special talents: MacDuff likes to shake hands. All Abbey's litter mates are AKC Champions.

Most embarrassing moment: Getting caught sneaking food off a coffee table, when guests were visiting.

Most trouble I ever got into: We sneak into the garbage to search for treasures if it's not put out of our reach.

My favorite friends: Our Mom, who spoils us every day.

Biggest adventure: MacDuff flew back and forth across the country three times. Abbey almost caught a cat she was chasing.

Member since 07/09/2001
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