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Molly Bea and Maxx
Breed: Male and Female Westie
Mobile, Alabama
Molly Bea and Maxx
Molly Bea and Maxx
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Born: September, 2000 and January, 2000
Breed: Male and Female Westie
Residence: Mobile, Alabama
Weight: Molly Bea 14 lbs, Maxx 18 lbs

Favorite food: Popcorn!

Favorite toy: First our giggle ball, then our frisbee.

Favorite activity: Fighting over the giggle ball and floating around the pool on the raft with Dad.

Special talents: Sneaking up on the bed when Mom and Dad aren't looking. :) OH and Maxx is a new daddy!

Most embarrassing moment: When we got into the trash and Dad caught us...we both had ketchup on our faces!

Most trouble I ever got into: Us getting caught digging up Mom's flower beds...whew, were we ever in trouble!

My favorite friends: Our big brother Myles and Peaches across the street!

Biggest adventure: Oh boy...when we got out of the yard and Mom and Dad found us 2 blocks away. We were just trying our wings...trouble again. :*(

Member since 06/27/2001
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