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Oscar and Emmy
Breed: Male Westie, Female Cairn
Irvine, California
Oscar and Emmy
Oscar and Emmy
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Born: Jan. 99 (Oscar) Mar. 00 (Emmy)
Breed: Male Westie, Female Cairn
Residence: Irvine, California
Weight: Oscar: 24 lbs, Emmy: 11 lbs

Favorite food: Oscar: McDonald's Hamburgers. Emmy: Whatever Oscar is eating.

Favorite toy: Oscar: Tennis Balls (Green). Emmy: Mr. Whale.

Favorite activity: Oscar: Chasing Tennis Balls at the Dog Park and not bringing them back to my parents. Emmy: Being chased at the dog park.

Special talents: Oscar: I know how to get what I want by using my paws to get my parents attention. Emmy: My nickmname "The Eminator".

Most embarrassing moment: Oscar: I was running in circles around my grandparent's pool and fell into the water. Emmy: Getting chased by a puppy at the dog park.

Most trouble I ever got into: Oscar: I am always an angel. Though once, my mom had the carpet cleaned and I decided to mark my territory. Emmy: I get into trouble every day. The most trouble is when I ate the carpet.

My favorite friends: Jenny, Puck, Duke and Prince.

Biggest adventure: Oscar: When I moved with my parents to California from Ohio last year. We were in the car for (4) days, and I was an angel. Emmy: When I escaped. And our neighbor brought me home.

Member since 05/28/2001
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