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Moose and Teddi
Breed: Male/Female Westies
Eagan, Minnesota
Moose and Teddi
Moose and Teddi
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Born: January, 2000
Breed: Male/Female Westies
Residence: Eagan, Minnesota
Weight: 19 lbs / 15 lbs

Favorite food: Teddi: Popcorn

Favorite toy: Moose: Mr. Squeaky. Teddi: Any stuffed animal I can de-stuff.

Favorite activity: Moose: Taking walks and using my nose to find the way back! Teddi: Chewing on my brother Moosie's neck and legs!

Special talents: Moose: I got a first place in my beginner obedience class. Teddi: I am a great pest to my brother!

Most embarrassing moment: Moose: Every time I eat something that disagrees with me - I stink bad! Teddi: Barking at obedience school.

Most trouble I ever got into: Moose: I don't get into trouble - my sister Teddi does all that! Teddi: OOHHH - dragging the bottle of shower soap downstairs and puncturing a hole in it!

My favorite friends: Moose: Teddi, my sister, Woody my lab brother and Cliffy my westie buddy. Teddi: Moosie, my brother, Woody my lab brother and Cliffy my westie boyfriend who lives with my mom's friend.

Biggest adventure: Moose and Teddi: Going to our cabin in the wilderness.

My web page: Moose and Teddi's Website
Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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