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Gus and Molly
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Sammamish, Washington
Gus and Molly
Gus and Molly
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Born: May '99, Jul '00
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Sammamish, Washington
Weight: 18 lbs, 14 lbs

Favorite food: Gus): Chicken and cottage cheese.
(Molly): Chicken and cottage cheese.

Favorite toy: (Gus): Balls and a HUGE nylabone.
(Molly): Balls and anything my brother Gus has in his mouth.

Favorite activity: (Gus): First is taking a walk outside;
second is playing ball; third is sitting on my man human's lap!
(Molly): Taking a walk outside;
jumping on my brother Gus and taking away anything he has!

Most trouble I ever got into: (Gus): Leaving ALL my toys all over the floor!
(Molly): Hiding behind the headboard of the waterbed and nobody could reach me
nor coax me out.

My favorite friends: (Gus): My sister Molly Margaret; MacKensie, Sadie, Picabo.
(Molly): My brother Gus; MacKensie, Sadie, Picabo.

Biggest adventure: (Gus): Going to Semiahmoo in Blaine, WA and staying in the hotel, walking along the beach, and running in the water.
(Molly): Staying home with a house sitter while my humans went to Europe. I LOVED being spoiled rotten because I was only 3 months old!

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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