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Charlie and Lucky
Breed: Male Cairn and Westie
Brandford, Connecticut
Charlie and Lucky
Charlie and Lucky
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Born: Sep '00, Feb '93
Breed: Male Cairn and Westie
Residence: Brandford, Connecticut
Weight: 10 lbs, 15 lbs

Favorite food: (Charlie): Muffins, liver treats.
(Lucky): Ice cream.

Favorite toy: (Charlie): I love to shake my Big Mean Kitty and I love to cuddle with my fleece Teddy.
(Lucky): Anything that squeeks.

Favorite activity: (Charlie): Playfighting with my "older brother".
(Lucky): Playfighting with my "brother".

Special talents: (Charlie): I am great at stealing sneakers and socks and hiding them around the house.
(Lucky): I clap when I want attention. I also know how to purr when I am happy. Since I could not be at "my parents" wedding, my picture was the focus of the ending of their wedding video.

Most embarrassing moment: (Charlie): I am too young - be patient with me - I am sure I will come through.
(Lucky): I tried climbing on a bed and didn't quite make it - I fell off and was quite embarrassed.

Most trouble I ever got into: (Charlie): I am still in the feces eating mode so I tend to get my face washed frequently.
(Lucky): One day I was chasing a squirrel and I did not look where I was going - I got caught in a pricker bush...ouch!

My favorite friends: (Charlie): Of course my "brother", Lucky, a Westie is my best friend.
(Lucky): Before I got a new "little brother", Charlie, a Cairn, I played with my next door neighbors, 2 labs.

Biggest adventure: (Charlie): I am too young but I look forward to going on car rides with my family around New England.
(Lucky): I have gone to many parts of New England with my parents.

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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