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Breed: Male Cairn
Chicago, Illinois
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Born: February, 1998
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Weight: 14 pounds

Favorite food: Chicken. I love veggies too; raw carrots and broccoli.

Favorite toy: I'm obsessed with tennis balls.

Favorite activity: Playing fetch, My mom calls me a Cairn "retriever".

Special talents: I can jump VERY high and catch balls in mid air.

Most embarrassing moment: Standing under a HUGE black lab and being peed on.

Most trouble I ever got into: Tearing the fabric off my mom and dad's new couch when I was a puppy.

My favorite friends: Jack - my brother, Buddy - the HUGE Black Lab who peed on me.

Biggest adventure: Being in two car accidents with my mom. Luckily, I was in my crate and I did not get hurt. Neither did my mom. (Now I'm afraid to go in the car).

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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