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Breed: Female Westie
W. Warwick, Rhode Island
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Born: November, 1990
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: W. Warwick, Rhode Island
Weight: 15 pounds

Favorite food: Momma's homemade peanut butter biscuits.

Favorite toy: Stuffed squirrel & Daddy's hand.

Favorite activity: Going for a walk in the park, but sleeping is a close second.

Special talents: "Princess" of the household.

Most embarrassing moment: When Daddy caught my nose in the car's automatic window.

Most trouble I ever got into: When I fell into a ditch my next-door neighbor was digging--it was pretty deep, and I got pretty muddy from head to toe!.

Biggest adventure: Chasing two rabbits into the bushes on one of my walks around the neighborhood. Daddy wouldn't let me go in after them, though. I think he was afraid to run head-long into the bushes...but the nerve of those rabbits!!!

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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