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Breed: Female Cairn
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Born: April, 1997
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Weight: 21 pounds

Favorite food: Anything! (Especially Skittles).

Favorite toy: My "ball-y-ball". I like the way it smells.

Favorite activity: Pushing my "ball-y-ball" under the couch, then barking until my mom or dad fishes it out. I also like growling at all the people that walk by our house. Oh, how could I forget about hunting for squirrels in our backyard. They're a nuisance.

Special talents: I'm really good at catching this little Green Bay Packer football. I'm better than Antonio Freeman, but sometimes my dad throws it too hard.

Most embarrassing moment: This one time, I was playing with a box my parents had and it fell on top of me, trapping me inside. I couldn't get it off, and it was really dark. My parents weren't home, and I had to sit and wait until they got home to take it off me. They were really worried about me, but I was fine. But boy did I feel stupid!

Most trouble I ever got into: Once when I was a pup, I accidentally peed on my mom's pillow just as she was about to go to bed. I'm not sure what happened, but she wasn't very happy about doing laundry that late at night.

My favorite friends: My best friend is my grandma's Westie named Brutus. We like to roll around and play a little rough. My mom worries, but I'm fine. He lives in Indiana, so I only get to see him on special occasions. I also have a friend named Renny who lives next door. He's a Scottie, and sometimes we chase each other along the fence separating our yards.

Biggest adventure: When I was a pup (I was really adventurous then), I broke out of the apartment we used to live in when my dad was answering the door. I ran and ran, all over the apartment complex. My dad chased me, but he's not very fast. He finally caught me, but only because I let him. My mom was very angry with him, but she wasn't angry at me. She knew I was just fooling around.

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