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Breed: Male Westie
Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Born: November, 1999
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Weight: 16 pounds

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2 Westies and a Scottie

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Favorite food: Anything my big sister Roxie (Westie) is eating. I love to eat her food because it is off limits. I love apples, baby carrots, anything edible.

Favorite toy: My lion, my monkey that squeals, chew toys, my big sister's toys. I love all of my toys, especially ones with eyeballs. I eat off the eyeballs as soon as I get any new toy. My mom found 11 toys that are missing eyeballs! Hee hee! That's why I have the nickname The Baxtinator!

Favorite activity: Playing chase with my big sister, going on walks with Mom, Dad and big Sis, sitting in Mom's lap, chasing the neighborhood ducks, and playing with my toys! I am still just a kid you know!

Special talents: I am really good at being a lap puppy. I listen when my name is called and I try to mind my Mom. I always come when called. I am such a good helper around the house. I am really good at cleaning crumbs off of the floor.

Most embarrassing moment: Anytime I get caught chewing on things that I am not supposed to chew on. Ok, that does happen a lot. When I get caught, I put my ears back and wag my tail. I am so irresistable! My Mom just can't get mad at me! I pout when I get in trouble. (I must say that I think that I hardly ever get in trouble...I am still learning, I am still a puppy!)

Most trouble I ever got into: I chewed up my big sister's and my bed. I got bored while my parents were at work and chewed up the foam out of my bed and made a big mess. It felt so good to my new teeth. I didn't mean to make such a mess! Mom and Dad made us a new bed and I chewed that one too...oops!

My favorite friends: I must say that my absolute favorite friend in the world, besides my Mom and Dad, is my big sister Roxie. She may act like I get on her nerves sometimes, but she loves me. We snuggle in our crate at night and after we wake up in the morning we chase each other all day. We love to chew on each other! You can see my sister in the Terrier Club, she is Roxanne "Roxie" Doodlebug (California). She is also in the Terrier Club 2001 calendar for the month of October...she is the witch! My other friends are Daisy, my grandparent's Westie from Tennessee, and her cat sister Smoki. My nemesis is the orange cat that sits outside my window and torments me. I can't forget the fish...We have 4 pet fish also!

Biggest adventure: The biggest adventure that I have been on was to be adopted by my parents. My Mom saw me and knew she had to have me immediately. She got me when I was 6 months old. I am so glad! I love my home and my big Sis Roxie. My most exciting trip to date is my road trip to San Diego. My parents packed up Roxie and I and we went on a short vacation and saw the beach. It was a lot of fun and there were many smells to enjoy. I am always ready for more adventures! I love to "GO"!

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