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Buddy and Missy
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Eagle River, Alaska
Buddy and Missy
Buddy and Missy
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Born: Feb '93, Sep '95
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Eagle River, Alaska
Weight: 19 lbs, 16 lbs

Favorite food: (Buddy): Cheese. (Missy): Hotdogs.

Favorite toy: (Buddy): Missy. (Missy): Rope toy.

Favorite activity: (Buddy): Walking. (Missy): Playing.

Special talents: (Buddy): Getting along with everyone & anything.
(Missy): Playing with a single piece of dry dog food.

Most embarrassing moment: (Buddy): Jumped off foot bridge at National Seashore Park and sunk in mud.
(Missy): Having to wear panties during my period.

Most trouble I ever got into: (Buddy): Fell off Dad's boat and nearly drowned...Dad gave me CPR.
(Missy): Played in the house plants when left alone.

My favorite friends: (Buddy): Long Haired Siamese named Simon.
(Missy): Docker (neighbor's Lab).

Biggest adventure: (Buddy): Traveling to Mexico.
(Missy): 1st Motor Home Ride at 6 wks.

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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