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Breed: Female Cairn
Tucson, Arizona
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Born: August, 1998
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Tucson, Arizona
Weight: 17 pounds

Favorite food: Ice cream, but I don't get it much!

Favorite toy: My cat-brother, Kasey.

Favorite activity: Digging...definitely digging! Also, water. Any water--I love to play in water!

Special talents: I can sit pretty, look cute and get anything I want. My best talent is getting shy dogs to play with me, and getting anything I want! I think I said that already! BOL.

Most embarrassing moment: Humping, well...just humping!

Most trouble I ever got into: I'll never understand why, but I was in BIG trouble when I was digging in the mud after a rain and got very muddy. I thought I looked great! Or, stealing the t-p and making lovely tissue snow all over the house. Or, well, I'm really not in much trouble often. My Mom sticks pretty close by so I have to be good.

My favorite friends: I really love everybody, but my best friend other than my cat-brother would be my buddy Grail, a Bouvier. He's HUGE!

Biggest adventure: Always going out to visit friends! They have dogs, and horses, cats and sometimes chickens! I love to meet everybody!

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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