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Tessie & Taddish
Breed: Female Westie, Male Cairn
Brentwood, California
Tessie & Taddish
Tessie & Taddish
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Born: Dec '89, May '99
Breed: Female Westie, Male Cairn
Residence: Brentwood, California
Weight: Tessie): 20 pounds,(Taddish): 19 pounds

Favorite food: (Tessie): Raw carrots. (Taddish): Red seedless grapes.

Favorite toy: (Tessie): My favorite toy is definitely my softie ball that squeaks. (Taddish): My little orange rubber football.

Favorite activity: (Tessie): Taking walks/runs with my family and if I can't do that, then I like to hunt for frogs in my backyard!
(Taddish): I love to take walks and to retrieve my football.

Special talents: (Tessie): Besides knowing to 'pose' whenever I see a camera, I once saved a toddler from falling down the stairs by throwing my body in front of him to stop him, then I barked until his mommy came and got him off the stairs!
(Taddish): I can get my family to take me out for walks by 'talking' them into it! I won't stop talking until my leash is on...

Most embarrassing moment: (Tessie): I haven't really embarrassed myself or my family yet! (Taddish): I sometimes try to get some milk from my sister, Tessie, confusing her with my real mommy who doesn't live with me anymore...Tessie lets me know I'm making a big mistake!

Most trouble I ever got into: (Tessie): I chewed all the corners off the lower kitchen cabinets and my dad had to replace them all...
Taddish): I dug a big hole under the cement in my dog run and some Wolf spiders came out of it and scared me, so I haven't done it since.

Biggest adventure: (Tessie): I once came eye to eye with a 6 ft. long King snake! And if my mommy hadn't screamed and pulled me back, I'd have attacked him and gotten him off my path! Taddish): My biggest adventure so far was the car ride from my birthplace to my new home. I was only 8 wks. old and very scared of leaving my mommy. But now I love to ride in the car with my family.

My web page: Tessie & Taddish's Website
Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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