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Porter & Libby
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Porter & Libby
Porter & Libby
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Born: Jan '97, Oct '98
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Weight: 14 lbs, 12 lbs

Favorite food: (Porter): My dog food and cracker treats.
(Libby): Anything and everything. My motto: Grab and eat it quickly, then figure out what it was later!

Favorite toy: (Porter): Whatever Libby is playing with.
(Libby): Whatever Porter is playing with...although since he's the "boss," I usually let him have it. I then get my kicks barking in his face while he plays with the toy.

Favorite activity: We like to play WWF, Westie Wrestling Federation--that's what our human companions call it. We wrap our mouths around each other's muzzle, ears or "fringes" and roll and wrestle at our human friends' feet. Getting slobbery and anointing the rug or whatever with the slobber is REALLY fun. Throw in some growling and grunting, and it's...WWF time!.

Special talents: Porter): They call me the "woo woo woo boy" because that's how I yodel for attention or voice my happiness. The voice that I use for the "woo woo woo" is a falsetto that ends on a particularly high note. My human companions have been known to lead groups of their friends in the "Porter cheer," as they call it. Are they making fun of my favorite activity? I think not. I think they're just tapping into something that's a lot like chanting in certain nonwestern religions! I also like to "creepy crawl." I stretch out on my tummy, extending my back legs out flat on the floor behind me, and propel myself around by my front paws and limbs! The humans laugh and laugh and laugh, and I wag my tail a lot and enjoy the tummy massage.
(Libby): Along those same lines, they call me their "libby doodle do girl" because my yodel is a Westie version of a rooster's crow. Like my half-sibling Porter, I "doodle do" for attention or to show my displeasure at Porter. This is REALLY effective when you vocalize in Porter's face! I know how to push his button.

Most embarrassing moment: (Porter): One time I was at my "mom's" office, alone with her, when she had to go down the hall for a bit. Guess she didn't realize that I had to pee-pee, REALLY BAD, 'cuz she stayed away a bit too long. I "lost it" on the floor, right in front of the door, and when she came back in that door I was soooooo humiliated. I couldn't stand up straight, I couldn't look her in the eye, I couldn't hold up my tail. I thought she'd be mad, but instead she cuddled and hugged me, saying, "It's OK, Porter. My fault. You're still my precious little boy." She's so neat. I felt better instantly.
(Libby): What's embarrassment?

Most trouble I ever got into: (Porter): Sometimes, in my excitement when Mom and D.J. ("dad") come home, I scratch at doors or door frames. They get reallllly upset 'cuz they hate to paint. I'm trying to break myself of that habit, but I miss them so much when they're gone. I also got into trouble one time when the kennel camp people allowed me to join Libby and the other puppies in "puppy play time." Right after I joined the group, I "saluted" the wall in the puppy play room. I was instantly banished from the group, and the kennel camp counselors told Mom and D.J. about the incident. They say that sometimes I get into one of "my moods" and start acting like a big shot. Another time I snuck downstairs to the guest suite and stole the p.j.'s of a friend who was visiting Mom and D.J.... I must admit that I stole it out of her suitcase. By the time they found the article, I had rendered it unwearable. The guest laughed (she has dogs), but Mom and D.J. were embarrassed. (Libby): I get in trouble a lot from stealing food, sometimes right before it's about to go into a human's mouth! You'd think they'd learn...but they don't...When they wave food around as they talk, that's another good time to steal it. I get fussed at and called a "chow hound," which sounds like a bad thing to be...but how would I know? Other times, Porter jumps up on the picnic table and pulls down some food for me. (I can't jump up there--I'm too little.) Then we both get into trouble because he's not supposed to "march around," as they call it, on the table when there's food on it

My favorite friends: (Porter): I'm the security guard and charged with the duty of protecting the house, yard and street. Accordingly, I distrust everything on four legs. Big dogs (the bigger they come, the harder they fall), little dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, bunnies--you name it and I go after it. I take my duties so seriously that wherever I go, I feel compelled to be as territorial as I am at home. I do like--but didn't at first--my beagle friend, Casey. Other than Libby, Casey is my best 4-legged friend.
(Libby): I don't understand why Porter isn't nicer to the dogs we meet. I love them all and would love to play and run, but frankly, Porter scares them (and their human companions) off. I never get the chance to get to know them. On the other hand, I run off any bird that DARES land in our yard, in the bird bath, wherever! And as they fly away or fly over, I stare and stare at them to make sure that they don't linger or land

Biggest adventure: (Porter): One time a giant dog (standard poodle) came to visit us for a few nights. The humans all tried to hide that fact from me, but I sniffed her out... Boy, was I mad! I pawed and scratched at the door to get to her. Then when they'd taken her outside for a walk, I snuck into the guest suite and marked the places-especially the middle of the sofa-where she'd been. Later they tried to "introduce" us on walks down the street, but I lunged and grabbed her beautifully coiffed ear hair! Boy, was she surprised at this little white dog. ah ha! I later did the same thing at the kennel camp to Hoover, a Bouvier de Flandes, that was roaming the area. (Mom TOLD them to watch out for me, but they didn't believe it!) When Hoover stuck his big head down to inspect me, I grabbed and held on to the long hair combed forward along the muzzle. You could tell he'd underestimated me too.
(Libby): To be quite honest, I'm in Porter's shadow. While he gets to call all the shots, he keeps me in line... You know, I can't even walk in the back door ahead of him. Sheeeeesh! But really, he's so much fun and I love him so much that I don't mind--most of the time.

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