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Breed: Male Cairn
Baltimore, Maryland
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Born: June, 1998
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Baltimore, Maryland
Weight: 16 lbs

Favorite food: Anything that looks edible or smells good. I'm partial to cookies, bacon and french fries though :o)

Favorite toy: My favorite chew toys are a Pound Puppy Collection cat, named "Kitty" and a Hunchback of Notre Dame doll, called "Man".

Favorite activity: Lounging in the backyard on my leash and playing with my toys.

Special talents: Unfortunately, I have yet to master the art of learning tricks (or simple obedience for that matter!) However, when I get extremely happy, I curl my upper lip up, so it looks like I am smiling.

Most embarrassing moment: I haven't had many embarassing moments yet, considering I just turned one, but when I have one, I'll let you know!!

Most trouble I ever got into: Since I'm the crown prince in my family, I usually don't get in that much trouble. But when I do get it, it's most likely when I escape from my living area (kitchen/family room) into other parts of the house. Then I run around and hide under beds or the living room couch, so it takes the whole family to get me out of there!

My favorite friends: I have a strong dislike against the squirrels and rabbits in my backyard. The way they walk around, you think they owned it! My favorite friends are probably the two dogs at the end of the street, Maggie (a Westie who's about 10) and Maxi (who's a 7 yr. old mixed breed) They don't really bother with me much, but whenever I see them outside, I get really excited and then whine when I have to go in!

Biggest adventure: My biggest adventure was escaping from my leash in the backyard. I only went to the end of street, but my owners sure got scared!!

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