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Breed: Male Westie
Cleveland, Tennessee
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Born: July, 1997
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Cleveland, Tennessee
Weight: 18 pounds--but I've got great leg muscles!

Favorite food: I'd ANYTHING for a jerky treat! Go ahead, just ask me!

Favorite toy: Whatever Buck has--of course.

Favorite activity: I love to sit in Mom's closet under her clothes! They rub my back and I look cute peeking out. But, for special treats--you really can't beat swimming!

Special talents: Nobody beats me at golf--I use my latex spaghetti and hit a tennis ball!

Most embarrassing moment: Weel, there was that time I did poops right in front of Mom's friend (at the friend's house too) who was, at that exact time bragging on me to her 2 bouncy Bischons! All I can say is, 'A man's gotta do what a man's gotta doo'.

Most trouble I ever got into: Trouble, who me trouble? You got the wrong guy!

My favorite friends: Oh, I love my younger brother, Buck. He's a Chocolate Labrador and he weighs 85 pounds! But I never let him forget that I'm oldest around here. Also my Aunt Misty (Mom's twin sister) has a real cute little Yorkie named, Piper. She stays with us sometimes! Oh, yeah--I have some Westie friends, Bailey, Skip, Gabby. A guy can never have too many friends!Bailey became very sick and crossed the Rainbow bridge. His mommy has missed him so very much and finally "Tucker" has come to live with her and she smiles again. We'll always miss Bailey

Biggest adventure: I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and lived with Mom (Dad and Buck stayed in Tennessee) while she went to Emory to become a nurse practitioner. I really watched the place and protected her! She also said that I flirted and lots of people talked to her because of me.My mom is a new volunteer for Westie Rescue around my part of the south. Visit the rescue site at: http://www.westierescue.com/rescueusa/rescuecontacts.asp?states=TN&ttl=Tenne

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