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Breed: Male Cairn
Schaumburg, Illinois
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Born: August, 1995
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Schaumburg, Illinois
Weight: 22 pounds(And all of it cold, hard muscle - ladies, you can swoon now!)

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Favorite food: French Fries. Oh, you mean favorite DOG food? In that case, I guess I like Milk Bone Doggie Bag treats.

Favorite toy: My Choo Choo train that makes noises, my big beach ball, and the cats cat-track that I can chase the ball around - sure wish I could get the ball OUT of the track!

Favorite activity: Chasing my "sister" Tauri, barking at the ceiling fans and hunting squirrels in the backyard, and also going for rides in the car!

Special talents: I can sit "handsome" and high five, and I also know how to go get a kleenex and bring it to you if you sneeze. I also know how to turn the celing fan on by jumping up and hitting the switch AND I am an "environmentally friendly" dog - if people spray an aerosol spray can - I jump up and bite at the can because I don't want CFCs ruining the atmosphere!:O) I also passed dog school - aren't I a SMART boy??

Most embarrassing moment: One time I was sleeping on the back of the couch and I fell off and behind the couch - that was REALLY embarrassing, but what was worse - no one noticed and I couldn't get out, so I had to bark and let "them" know I was back there and then they came and laughed at me and took pictures before they let me out!

Most trouble I ever got into: I once got in trouble for emptying out a lady's purse and taking all her money out of her wallet - well, hey, I was just trying to help my mom out by getting more of that MUNEE stuff for her! I was very embarrassed when they caught me... I also got in HUGE trouble one night when I ran away - on Christmas Eve - my mom answered the door when someone rang the bell and I bolted out the door - she didn't have any shoes on and had to chase me a LONG way - in the snow - before she finally caught me. BOY was I "in the doghouse!"

My favorite friends: I have lots of friends - my best animal friend is my "sister" Tauri - another Cairn terrier. I also love my "sister" Cinder, who is a cocker spaniel, and I love to play with our neighbors, the Airedales, Scruffy and Tigger. I had a girlfriend, she was a Lhasa Apso and her name was Princess, but her brother Ben didnt want me hanging around her - he got really jealous. Then they moved away and I never saw Princess again. :o( But she's still my girlfriend.... :o) My biggest Enemies are Bailey next door, who is trying to be my sister Tauri's boyfriend - that makes me jealous! And the dogs who live behind us - they're all BIG Labradors - I dont like any of them one BIT - and there are 4 of them, so they outnumber me!

Biggest adventure: Mom took me and my sister Tauri on a trip to Pittsburgh - that's a LONG way away from where we live near Chicago - we stayed in a hotel that was on the 8th floor! We got to watch the cars go by on the street below and I wished that we could live there so we could watch all the cars every day. I also got to pee in 5 different states! The best place I peed was on a sign in Michigan at a rest stop - the sign said "No dog littering" so I peed right on it - I showed THEM who's boss!

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