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Fook Fook
Breed: Male Westie
Brisbane, Australia
Fook Fook
Fook Fook
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Born: November, 1994
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Brisbane, Australia
Weight: 8 Kg (18 pounds)

Favorite food: All kinds of chicken, lamb chop & bone, milk, steamed fish, biscuits in round shape.

Favorite toy: Ball, tin can - round shapes again!

Favorite activity: Outdoor walking, playing soccer every morning.

Special talents: Top terrier 1998 in Hong Kong, 13 CC, BIG (Best in Group) & BOB (Best of Breed) in every show!

Most trouble I ever got into: I get crazy when we turn on the computer printer...I hate the noise during printing!

Biggest adventure: When I was 5 months old, I was shipped by my breeder from U.K. to Hong Kong.

My web page: Fook Fook's Website
Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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