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Teddy & Tasha
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Washington State
Teddy & Tasha
Teddy & Tasha
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Born: Apr '96, Jun '96
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Washington State
Weight: 25 lbs, 15 lbs

Favorite food: Teddy loves cucumbers and Tasha loves carrots.

Favorite toy: Teddy loves an empty plastic milk jug and Tasha loves a rope pull toy.

Favorite activity: Chasing the squirrels and birds in the backyard.

Special talents: Teddy can play ball (catch) like "Air Bud" and Tasha plays the "dumb blonde" real well.

Most embarrassing moment: Teddy gets very embarrassed when he has to have a "sitz" bath for his rear-end and Tasha doesn't get embarrassed, she just plays dumb all the time.

Most trouble I ever got into: Both of us (one year old at the time) got in big trouble for chewing the hands, feet, or legs off an assortment of Barbie dolls.

My favorite friends: Teddy's favorite enemy is the resident gray squirrel and Tasha would like to grab a big mouthful of cat fur.

Biggest adventure: For Teddy it was having to spend the night in the dog pound after he snuck into the neighbors yard and for Tasha it was leaving her first home a year ago and coming to live with Teddy, Kristy and Katie (the two human girls in the family).

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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