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Ollie & Sydney
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
New Milford, Connecticut
Ollie & Sydney
Ollie & Sydney
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Born: Mar '98, May '94
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Residence: New Milford, Connecticut
Weight: 12 lbs, 16 lbs

Favorite food: (Ollie): Apples from the apple tree; the brewer's yeast and garlic rawhides that my big sister told me to hold out for, she said mommy would try to get me to chew Nylabones, but if I held out long enough, mommy would give in and let me have a rawhide and she was right! I also love ice cream and my sister tells me turkey is AWESOME!
(Sydney): Turkey and anything with brown gravy on it, but I usually only get Nutro Lite.

Favorite toy: (Ollie): Apples from the apple trees, I love to pick them up and run around and act like I have found the greatest thing in the world so my big sister will chase me. I also love to just walk around squeaking any squeaky toy I can find, especially my rubber hamburger or sheepskin bone.
(Sydney): A pink squeaky newspaper and Brewer's Yeast & Garlic rawhides (even though my mom hates giving us rawhides, I won't chew anything else and taught my little brother to be just as persnickity.)

Favorite activity: (Ollie): Biting playfully at my sister, Sydney and getting her to play fight with me or chase me.
(Sydney): Snoozing. But when I am not doing that I like to sit on the back of the couch and watch for any vehicle that is larger than a car. Or I like to take a dog toy in my mouth and tease my brother with it so he'll chase me around the house or yard

Special talents: (Ollie): I just mastered jumping on the bed with a bone in my mouth. Mommy and Daddy stopped what they were doing to cheer for me!!! They know how hard I have tried for the past two months! But Mommy and Daddy have signed my big sis, Sydney and I up for The Waggin' Train Doggie Obedience!!
(Sydney): My parents are impressed with how long I can stand on my back legs and look out the screen door. But they don't understand that I have a very important job to do, watching for animals, people and anything else that may pass by and sometimes I need to watch that area of the yard. Also, my parents are impressed with how I always put my toys back on the black rug in the plant room.

Most embarrassing moment: (Ollie): When I got away from daddy to try to meet one of the neighborhood dogs, whose name also happens to be Ollie. Daddy was running after me, and I ran out into the road and got yelled at right in front of the older, bigger Labrador, Ollie. And I never even got to meet him!
(Sydney): Once when I went for a drive with my parents, we were on a back country road and I saw a squirrel and jumped out the window after it. Luckily, my dad was going really slow because the road was so rocky and he caught me by the collar, so I just sort of dangled for a second. Now they don't keep the windows open enough for me to get out.

Most trouble I ever got into: (Ollie): Last week, Daddy convinced Mommy that I didn't need to be confined to the foyer and downstairs bath while they were at work and when she came home, I had gotten into my mom's closet and chewed a pair of good, wool clogs and an old sneaker, dragged laundry out of the hamper and had it scattered all over the bathroom and upstairs hall. Downstairs, I had knocked over several plants and the bathroom garbage pail. Mom wasn't happy with me at all and told daddy that I need to be confined.
(Sydney): Once when my parents were arguing, I slipped out through the basement (they didn't realize the door was open) and ran across the street. I always get really scared when they argue and this time, since I saw a way out, I thought I would discuss my plight with the black labs across the street. I heard my parents frantically looking for me and my mom crying, but I thought I was enjoying the milkbones and thought I would teach them a lesson, whatever they were fighting over was really not THAT important. My dad was stopping cars in the road and asking if they had seen me, and the lady that lived at the house was stopped and found me when she got home. She sent her father to drive me back home. My parents were so happy to see me they almost cried!

My favorite friends: (Ollie): Definitely my big sister, Sydney Beaner, she is the greatest thing and I really look up to her, she is teaching me what to bark at and what to sniff! I'd like to say the other Ollie...but, Daddy embarrassed me!
(Sydney): Well, my little brother, Ollie of course. And my Grandmama's cat, Ryeley, but she never wants to play with me when I go over her house. I get along fine with most animals, except that Scottie that used to live down the street...

Biggest adventure: (Ollie): Going hiking with my parents over their vacation!! It was the first time I walked for more than an hour without pooping out, laying down and refusing to get up, as I have been known to do. A great way to get carried home!
(Sydney): Walking the Appalachain Trail with my parents and several of their friends. I love to go hiking. And at one point, we met up with a German Shepherd that wasn't on a leash and he almost laid his chompers on me, but his owner caught up with him and held him back. My Daddy and his friend let the guy have it for not keeping the dog on a leash. And, of course, moving from Princeton, NJ to New Milford, CT with my mom was really exciting, too!

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