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Breed: Female Westie
Montgomery County, PA
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Born: November, 1996
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Montgomery County, PA
Weight: 18 pounds

Favorite toy: My Kong when it is stuffed with treats or my tennis ball when Mommy plays.

Favorite activity: Playing ball is also my favorite activity (next to getting into trouble).

Special talents: I was recently awarded the "Best Personalty" award at the "Doggie Communicator" party I attended with Mom. It was given by our groomer Lynne, the Pooch Caboose Mobile Dog Groomer.

Most embarrassing moment: My most embarrassing moment was when GrandPop thought I was a Cairn Terrier, because I broke into the bag of Peat Moss GrandMom stored on the patio, and turned my hair brown.

Most trouble I ever got into: The most trouble I ever got into was when I was still a puppy and I used to slide down the side of GrandMom and GrandPop's built in pool cover, and run up and down in the rain water and leaves collected in the cover. GrandPop had the pool filled in after that so I wouldn't get hurt!

My favorite friends: Maggie and Abigail, my Westie cousins from Virginia, and Max the Standard Poodle I met at the Doggie Communicator Party.

Biggest adventure: My biggest adventure so far has been to go to Uncle Johnnie's house in Virginia several times, although Mommy tells me we are going to Florida next Spring to visit GrandMom and GrandPop at their vacation house.

My web page: Corky's Website
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