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Breed: Male Westie
McPherson, Kansas

In Memory of Cody
Beloved Cody
March 1997 - January 2011
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Born: March, 1997
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: McPherson, Kansas
Weight: 21 pounds

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Favorite toy: My brother Bullet, an Australian Cattle Dog, is my favorite toy now. Before he came along, my rope bone was my favorite...still would be if I could ever get it away from him :)

Favorite activity: Going swimming and running (full speed) at the lake is my favorite activity.

Special talents: I have many tricks I can do, but my favorite is to "twirl". Whenever my mom gets out a treat I stand up and twirl for it. If I really want the treat I will do a twirl in the air! She gets a kick out of it. As for talents and awards, my mom and dad give me "The Best Little Dog in the World" award everyday.

Most embarrassing moment: My most embarassing moment was when some of my mom's friends came to see me in Kansas, and I was covered in mud (looked like a Scottie) from playing in the pond. They still thought I was pretty cute!

Most trouble I ever got into: The most trouble I ever got in was when I chewed up the carpet in the living room--or was it when I chewed up two pairs of my mom's new shoes--or was it when I chewed up the comforter. I don't know, I was just a puppy, who could blame me?

Biggest adventure: Whenever Bullet and I go out in the country to visit my westie half-brother, Murphy, and his "totally un-related" sister (she's crazy), Molly. We run around the pond and swim, and then we roll in the grass and mud to dry off! That really makes mom happy!

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