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Breed: Male Westie
Dallas, Texas
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Born: 1992
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Dallas, Texas
Weight: A whopping 20 pounds

Favorite food: Anything mom and dad are having!

Favorite toy: Right now it's a rubber squeaky hamburger, but I also like the Snoopy stuffed toy I just got for Valentine's Day from my mom.

Favorite activity: Getting e-mail from my best friend, Lilibeth.

Special talents: I'm good at chasing squirrels and birds and I can swim really well. I don't do a lot of "tricks", but I do watch a workout show on TV and bark at the people trying to do aerobics.

Most embarrassing moment: I was chasing a bunch of ducks into the water when they turned around and chased me! Hard getting over that one.

My favorite friends: Lilibeth, Muffin (my Dallas pal -- A Cairn terrorist), and the Great Dane from next door. The latter falls in the "enemy" classification.

Biggest adventure: Whenever I ride in the car with my mom.

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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