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Breed: Female Westie
Roanoke, Virginia
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Born: October, 1993
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Roanoke, Virginia
Weight: 19 pounds - (I just put on a half pound...too many cookies)

Favorite food: Chicken or turkey. I go crazy waiting for Mom and Dad to finish eating because they always mix some in my kibbles. And I can hear the sound of my cookie bag opening a mile away.

Favorite toy: My kitty, Gilmore. I like to play lion and put his whole head in my mouth and drag him across the room. He loves it too!

Favorite activity: Playing soccer (I can even head the ball), and going for "walkies" or a car ride with my mom. But at night I like to just curl up on her lap.

Special talents: Policing our 6 (!) cats. They sometimes get carried away and I always make them stop and behave themselves. They ALWAYS listen to me.

Most embarrassing moment: I really get embarrassed when mom puts my yellow rain slicker on me and then takes me for a walk. I hate to run into other doggies then.

Most trouble I ever got into: The most trouble I got in was when I ran into the woods for a romp and decided to swim in the muddy creek. I came home all black and yucky and Mom had just bathed me the day before!

My favorite friends: I have lots of animal friends, but mostly my 6 kitties - and I know each one by name and can tell them apart. Gilmore is my special one 'cause I've had him since he was 6 weeks old and I wash him every day.

Biggest adventure: Life is a big adventure and I enjoy every minute of it!

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