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Breed: Female Cairn
Portland, Maine
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Born: May 2010
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Portland, Maine
Weight: 16 pounds

Favorite food: Bacon

Favorite toy: The kind that squeak!

Favorite activity: Eating up snow-balls or playing with my brother, the kitty

Special talents: I can crawl on my belly and give very enthusiastic high-fives!

Most embarrassing moment: One time, I was running down the dock at mom's marina and I turned a corner. At that moment, the end of my flexi-leash was reached and I was pulled into the ocean! I don't like getting all wet and cold so I felt very silly. So did my mum!

Most trouble I ever got into: When mom and dad aren't home I try to eat up the napkins in the trash.. something about ripping up paper is so fun!

My favorite friends: Pablo the Pug and Cheif the pitbull are my favorite doggy friends, and Francis the cat is my brother (and very best friend)

Biggest adventure: I live on a sailboat so almost every day in the summer is an adventure!

Member since 12/29/2010
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