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Lily White
Breed: Female Westie
USA / Italy
Lily White
Lily White
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Born: September, 2008
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: USA / Italy
Weight: 14 pounds

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Lily White

Favorite food: Homemade chicken soup, duck sausage, meaty ham bones.

Favorite toy: Fuzzy ball, tennis ball, squeaky monkey, dirty socks, water bottles.

Favorite activity: Hunting squirrels, digging, walking with my mom.

Special talents: I do my ''tt'' on the proper spot in the bathroom and I'm nice with cats.

Most embarrassing moment: When my mom discovered that I accidentally did ''tt'' on her new rug.

Most trouble I ever got into: I rolled in a fresh pile of poop on the boardwalk at the beach in Italy. My mom wouldn't even touch me after that and she sent me straight to a strange place for a bath. No one appreciated my new scent.

My favorite friends: Boisa, Lola, Betty, Heidi, Gretel, Alice, Sweet Pea, Anthony and Marco.

Biggest adventure: Cleaning and devouring that bird, traveling on the airplane across the ocean, hiking in Italy.

My web page: Lily White's Website
Member since 02/18/2010
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